Board of Directors has realized about defense to be misused by someone with self-exploitation. They are stipulated information confidentiality policy to limit access to information within company for authorized staffs solely.

The company informs executives, including executive's spouses and minor children to report their holding or changing the company's securities to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the office) under the rule and procedures of the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 section 59 and its punishment of section 275.

Also, such mentioned persons as directors, management and employees including their spouse and minor children, are prohibited to make any security transaction; either purchasing, or selling, or transferred by taken advantage of the internal confidential information, which has not yet been disclose to the public. However, in case of the transactions occur in normal business, directors and management including their spouse and minor children, he/she had to report to the office within three working days since the event takes place, and copy to documents will be handled to company as evidence.

In addition, the company provides ethical policy that director, management and employees are always expected to observe honestly and virtuously, and should not participate to any immoral behaviors deteriorating company recognition. If any evidence has shown that company information confidentiality are disclosed by self exploitation insiders, it's doomed that such a person is accused of severe disciplinary violation and may be deserved condemnation according to employee regulation.

Opinion of Audit Committee

In the Audit Committee Meeting No. 2/2020 held on February 28, 2020, Audit Committee had evaluated the sufficient and appropriated internal control system. This annual evaluation based on summary data of 5 main categories as follows:

  1. Organization and Environment
  2. Risk Management
  3. Management Control
  4. Information Technology System
  5. Monitoring System

The Audit Committee give an opinion that the company’s Internal Control System is sufficient and all of functions work effectively. The 2019 Annual Evaluation Questionnaire of Sufficient of an Internal Control System is submitted to Board of Directors for consideration in the Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 2/2020 held on February 28, 2020.

The Company has provided effective management and internal control system where executives have contributed to be aware of the importance on internal control by providing effective organizational supervision, definitely assign roles and responsibilities, including regulations, rules, policies, management level, and authorization level in written form.

The Company also provides Internal Control Department, whose independently follow-up and evaluate internal control system and report directly to Audit Committee, to review operating systems to meet overall corporate objectives and goals. In previous audit, there are no mistake found that affect internal control substantially.

In addition, the company's auditor is Dharmniti Auditing Co.,Ltd., the auditors for fiscal year 2019 to review the efficiency of company’s internal control, and found no significantly deficiencies in the company’s internal control system.